On the occasion of the 130 years of Opinel, Peter Themistocles shared with us his experience with the brand. 

PETER THEMISTOCLES, Kitchen Buyer at Food52

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Peter Themistocles, I’m the Kitchen Buyer at Food52, a cooking enthusiast, and the proud owner of many Opinel knives!

What is your first Opinel memory?

I wasn’t aware of the Opinel brand until I joined the Food52 team—in less than a year I’ve familiarized myself with the full product range, tested and used countless knives, and traveled to the French Alps to see where it all began. I now consider myself an unofficial brand ambassador...sharing the story with anyone who wants to hear it!

Many think Opinel is synonymous with expertise and something to be passed on. What values does Opinel convey to you?

Heritage and quality. I’ll never forget one room I saw during my visit to the Musée Opinel: it was covered, floor to ceiling, with memories and pictures from people of all ages in many different languages. As a buyer, it brings me joy to bring something with this kind of longlasting power to the Food52 community.

If you could only choose one Opinel, which would it be?

The 1890 Forged collection which we launched exclusively on Food52 — they are absolutely beautiful!

Opinel in three words?

Iconic, functional, high-quality.

Photo credits : Thierry Vallier, Oliver Niblett