“Everyone knows Opinel. Everyone has an Opinel story.”

Today, we'd like to introduce you to Julien Dollet, Director of QES and Purchasing.


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Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Julien Dollet. I've been in charge of quality, environment and safety at Opinel since 2008, and I recently became Director of Purchasing as well.

What does a Director of QES and Purchasing do?

It's a very interdisciplinary job. In terms of quality, I work with our suppliers, making sure that anything we subcontract and all the products we buy meet our specifications and the standard of quality we expect. Internally, I implement incoming inspections and appearance inspections, as well as dimensional and functional checks.

I also determine the inspections to be carried out by our operators and quality assurance team at each step of the manufacturing process, from the components to the finished product. I handle customer feedback on our after-sales service, and I analyze our products and check to see if there are any improvements or corrections that should be made.

In terms of the environment, I work with external firms that specialize in all the various regulations to ensure that here at Opinel we are in full compliance. We measure air emissions, dust, noise, water emissions, electricity use and waste. We perform regular checks to verify that our waste is correctly sorted and recycled, and that the companies we work with are fully certified.

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I'm also in charge of people's safety and well-being. We have required inspections such as electrical, elevator, sectional doors and fire prevention inspections, among others. We also perform risk analysis for various possible scenarios, and we set up action plans to reduce risk as much as possible. I also work with the sales representatives that provide road safety training, and are equipped with vehicles that help them stay safe. To improve working conditions and fight sedentary lifestyles, we've installed a treadmill desk. We've also supplied electric bicycles for staff, both to protect the environment by reducing pollution and to promote physical activity among our employees.

Lastly, I'm in charge of purchasing. I keep an eye on the markets, and research suppliers and new products. It's essential to stay informed, go to the trade fairs, and visit local suppliers in line with Opinel so that we can work together. 

What do you like most about this job that is actually made up of many jobs?

I enjoy it all, it's all connected. I meet lots of people, and I step outside the company, which allows me to connect with the manufacturers, from small two-person companies to large corporations. It's a multifaceted job. It's important to prepare for the future and meet our needs, and to make sure everything runs smoothly. It's a people-facing job focused on human contact, with lots of interaction.  

Can you describe your job in just a few words?

Precision, foresight, and enjoyment. I have fun, I really thrive here. I enjoy visiting our suppliers, I enjoy continuous improvement, and I love simplicity.

What would you say are the company's main values?

It's a small company, and everyone knows each other. We're like a family. There's a real focus on durability and sustainability in the company and a positive atmosphere. I also really like the emphasis on working locally. 

What do your friends and family say when you talk about Opinel?

Everyone knows Opinel. Everyone has an Opinel story. It's a brand that speaks to people. There's a friendly attitude, a warm, natural interest. 

What is your favorite Opinel product?

No. 08 is a must-have and our bestseller. I also love the Slim Line 10, which is becoming more and more popular. It's a beautiful design: streamlined, simple and elegant, with unmatched cutting quality. It's a folding knife, so you can take it anywhere, and it's very versatile.

One final question: Which Opinel would you choose as a gift?

No. 08 is the classic knife. It's always a safe bet, and it's sure to please.