"I always take great pride when I introduce the company and new products to those around me."

Learn about Ludovic Bailly's role as Opinel's Systems and Support Administrator.


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Ludovic. I'm 38 years old, and I've worked in the IT department at Opinel since 2017.

What's your background?

My father worked in the computer industry, so I was always surrounded by new technologies at home, and it became a passion. Because of this, I earned a computer science degree at Savoie Technolac, and this led me to work for the CNRS. I then began working for the Lac du Bourget agglomeration community (now Grand Lac) and after that, I spent several years at the CPAM of Savoie and finally at Jean Lain Automobiles. Five years ago, I joined the Opinel company, so I always stayed with local companies.

They are Opinel - Ludovic Bailly

Can you tell us what your job entails?

I'm a Systems and Support Administrator. In other words, I'm in charge of the computer and telephone part of the Opinel site, along with my manager.

This includes several domains: first, the systems element with its various data and application servers, then the network element with all the cabling and wireless technologies for interconnecting the hardware, including workstations, telephones and printers.

Then there's the management of security-related tools, such as backups, antivirus and data access rights.

And continuing on, there's the entire messaging and telephony element and, in particular, the videoconferencing systems that were developed following the implementation of remote work.

And last but not least, I manage the equipment and provide daily assistance to the users.

What do you like best about this job?

IT evolves very quickly, so there are often new technologies to be implemented which, in turn, bring new challenges to deal with. I love to look for problems and find solutions. Then there's the support aspect, which means that I'm in contact with all company employees because these days, everyone uses IT tools in some way.

If you had to describe your profession in just one word, what would you say?

Modesty, because in the IT industry, we're often called upon when there's a problem, but rarely when everything is working. This is a job that's often in the background, but the company couldn't function without it.

What values would you say that the company holds?

I like the fact that Opinel has chosen to recruit people internally to handle IT responsibilities, rather than working with external IT providers. Today, there are many companies that delegate their entire information system to external service providers.

And I find that when you actually work for the company, you're more concerned with and involved in providing high-quality and long-lasting work.

How do your friends and family react when you tell them you work for Opinel?

The most memorable reaction was that of my grandfather. He had an Opinel that was so worn out by the years that the blade had worn in half. When I started working at Opinel, I bought him a knife from the "luxury" range. But he never used it. He preferred his old Opinel!

But I also have a lot of other acquaintances, like my building labourer who loves them on worksites, restaurant friends who cook with the Forged 1890s, and others who enjoy aperitifs and cut sausages with a N°08. And I even have my barber, who has an old Opinel straight-edge razor from that time! I always take great pride when I introduce the company and new products to those around me.

They are Opinel - Ludovic Bailly

Which is your favourite Opinel knife?

It's the No. 08 Grey Laminated Birch! In the very beginning, I had several different knives. I took a different one each day, then over time, the N°08 birch laminated is the one that stayed in my pocket every day. This is my favourite, especially the way it ages.

They are Opinel - Ludovic Bailly

Which Opinel would you choose for a gift?

To play it safe, I'd give the N°08 Olivier. It's a knife that's always a pleasure to use, and it's always a great choice!

And for a more unique gift, I'd choose a product that people might be less familiar with: the Nomad Cooking Kit for the picnic lovers like me!