"Group spirit, teamwork – it's a real family business and super friendly too."

Let's explore the assembly workshop with Sandra Sobrido.


Opinel chambéry coutellerie savoie employés Sandra Sobrido

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Sandra, and I am 40 years old. I started working at Opinel as an intern, and then I was subsequently hired.

What is your position at Opinel?

I work in the assembly workshop. The handle, the ferrule and the blade are mainly assembled using a semi-automated machine. There's one person at the machine, another setting the ferules and the last person sharpens the blades. Then the knives are packaged. It's a team effort, we all help each other out while being independent in our own role.

What does sharpening involve?

Sharpening ensures the knife has a good cutting edge. It's a skill you learn, you need to be able to feel whether to sharpen harder or not. You can also test the knife to see if the blade cuts well.

How many knives are assembled per hour in the workshop?

We assemble around 400 of the No. 08 stainless steel knife an hour. The pace is a bit slower for example if the heel of the knife needs a hole in it because then you have one more stage.
We produce around 3,000 to 3,500 knives in a single day.

What do you like most about this profession?

I love everything, it's fascinating, and you see the knives being made right from start to finish. The assembly workshop relies on the wood, grinding and ferrule workshops, and the packaging and shipping departments slightly depend on us. It's real teamwork.

If you had to describe your profession in a few words, what would you say?

Interesting, attractive, versatile, we do a bit of everything, we see everything.

What values do you see in the company?

Group spirit, teamwork – it's a real family business and super friendly too.

What does working at Opinel mean to you, or to your family and friends?

It's great for me, because Opinel is a known brand, and it's like the Savoy region's icon. I'm proud to work here and to learn everything I'm learning here.
People react positively, they love Opinel, and they love to talk about it.

Opinel gamme Intempora Couteaux de cuisine

Which is your favourite Opinel knife?

I really like the Ellipse but also the Atelier. They're wonderful knives, typical of Opinel craftsmanship.

What knife would you recommend as a gift?

The traditional No. 08 is a sure bet.
So is the Intempora range of kitchen knives. I have relatives who love to cook a lot, and they have really embraced the Intempora range.

Photo credit: Thierry Vallier, Aurélie Jeannette