All the Opinel knife collections: pocket knives, kitchen knives, table knives and garden tools.

From pocket knives to small garden tools, kitchen and tableware, Opinel products are there for you every day.
Opinel has been producing high-quality products at unbeatable prices for over 130 years and has become the French pocket knife of choice throughout the world.

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Tradition Collection: pocket knives

Tradition Collection: pocket knives

The Tradition collection offers these iconic Opinel products in different types of wood and various sizes

Available with a stainless steel or carbon steel blade, with handles made of different types of wood, beech, walnut, oak, olive, or a mixture of woods.
Ideal for hiking, picnics, DIY and all outdoor activities, the Opinel pocket knife has become an indispensable part of any backpack or toolbox.

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"Gourmet" knife collection

"Gourmet" french knife collection

The Opinel French knife is a symbol of the French art of living.

This is why the gourmet collection offers knives invented for lovers of good food and fine dining.

Cheese knife, oyster knife, chestnut knife or mushroom knife, lovers of good produce always have these Opinel knives with them, ready to harvest, pick and cook good produce for healthy recipes made at home.

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"Multifunction" knife collection

"Multifunction" knife collection

Opinel pocket knives have always been used by handymen, sailors, hikers and hunters.

Opinel has developed a collection of multifunctional pocket knives to suit everyone. Our folding knives are carefully designed to meet the expectations of all knife users.

Equipped with a wire stripper for do-it-yourselfers, a fire starter for adventurers, a survival whistle for explorers and a shackle key for sailors, the Opinel knife has found numerous ways to be more useful to you.

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"Slimline" knife collection

"Slimline" knife collection

The "Slimline" collection of pocket knives brings you Opinel's cutting-edge quality in a knife with an elegant, refined and slender design.

Perfect for filleting fish, fishing enthusiasts will be delighted with this collection, which comes in different blade sizes and features handles made in different woods.

These knives have fine, flexible blades for those who want impeccable, comfortable cutting.

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Small garden tools collection

opinel Small garden tools collection

Knives and small garden tools are an integral part of Opinel's history.

As garden enthusiasts know, having green fingers is not enough, you also need the right tools to maintain your plants and garden; Opinel gardening tools are perfect for grafting, cutting, pruning branches, plants and shrubs. The French brand, known worldwide for its Opinel pocket knives, has its roots in the agricultural world and has always been committed to offering top-quality French knives.

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Kitchen knife collection

Kitchen knife collection

Large kitchen knives or small, the French brand Opinel offers several ranges with something to suit everyone. 

Opinel kitchen knives will rapidly become indispensable in your kitchen. Featuring excellent cutting quality with a safe and comfortable grip, both the large and small knives are designed for daily use. Chef's knives, Santoku knives, peelers, spreading knives, with polymer or wooden handles, cut or forged blades, the Opinel kitchen knife collection contains everything you need to cook well.

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Table knife collection

opinel Table knife collection

Opinel table knives: for special occasions or for everyday use

Inspired by the design of the original pocket knife, the table knife collection offers a variety of handles and blade types to suit your decor.

For everyday use or to turn ordinary occasions into special occasions, Opinel offers French table knives with serrated or smooth blades and with wooden or polymer handles.

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Children's knife collection

Children's knife collection

For children, Opinel is the French knife for budding adventurers and future chefs!

Opinel pocket knives for children are designed with safety in mind and are equipped with a round-ended blade to avoid injuries. They are available with either a wooden handle or a polymer handle, complete with a built-in whistle.

Children have their own knife in the kitchen, too, with the Le Petit Chef range, a series of tools equipped with a training ring to teach safe handling when they are learning to cook.

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Limited-edition knife collection

Limited-edition knife collection

The rarest Opinel knives in the world!

Limited series of Opinel knives are regularly produced in collaboration with artists to commemorate events or purely for the pleasure of producing exceptional products.

These pocket knives, sometimes with numbered blades, are highly prized, as there are only a few in the world.

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Collection d'accessoires

Opinel also offers accessories for use with kitchen and pocket knives.

Our accessories collection offers everything you need for the kitchen, chopping boards, storage blocks, aprons, tea towels, and placemats to complete our kitchen knife collections.
Opinel also offers finger guards made in France, as well as sheaths and tools for sharpening blades.

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