T-Duo polymer peeler in Red

Peel and prepare julienne vegetables

For peeling vegetables and preparing julienne sticks, polymer handle


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For peeling vegetables and preparing julienne sticks, polymer handle

The T-Duo peeler: T for its razor shape and duo for its double functionality.


The peeler is equipped with two blades: the first is micro-serrated and designed to peel any type of vegetable: carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc. As perfect for thin as for hard skin!

The second blade is for making vegetable spaghetti and preparing julienne sticks.

It is also equipped with an eye-removing scoop for potatoes.


This peeler, made in France, is both practical and easy to handle in the kitchen. It is comfortable to hold, especially with the grip coating on the handle.


Available in three colours (red, green and blue), the T-Duo all-polymer peeler is dishwasher safe. The peeler is also available with a wooden handle.

Technical specifications

Hardness 55-57 HRC. European origin.
The stainless steel used in OPINEL blades is a grade optimized to guarantee both high corrosion resistance and high mechanical performance. 
The blade offers excellent sharpness and high resistance to abrasion (wear) which allows it to withstand regular contact with hard materials, such as ceramics, before requiring re-sharpening. Stainless steel has the advantage of requiring no special maintenance under ordinary conditions of use, unlike carbon steel. Nevertheless, it can meet its limits when it is put in prolonged contact with an aggressive environment (acid, salt water, detergent ...).

The T-Duo peelers handles are made of high quality polymer. They are water, chemical and heat resistant.

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For peeling vegetables and preparing julienne sticks, polymer handle

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