Announcement of the winners of the competition Draw me an Opinel

From the 13th of January till the 15th of April 2020, the Opinel Museum invited all Opinel fans to let their imagination speak by participation in the drawing and painting competition Draw me an Opinel. The rules were simple: draw or paint an artwork that makes a reference to Opinel.

Nearly 80 people of all ages participated. The Opinel Museum thanks all the participants! It truly warms the heart to see how this theme has inspired the participants, for, the artworks display an abundance of artistic interpretations that honors Opinel, each in its own way.

A jury consisting of members of the Opinel concern and of resource people in the artistic milieu has selected 24 winning art pieces. This difficult task has been based on two criteria: the way Opinel is honored and the rendering (both the technical quality and the originality).

We are therefore very proud to present the winning artworks! A list of the winners is available here.

The winning artworks will be exhibited in the Opinel Museum during the summer 2020.




It's your turn to create!

The principle is simple: draw or paint a picture that makes an explicit reference to Opinel. 

The jury will choose the winners based on two criteria:

  1. The meaning: how the painting honours Opinel (for example by making a reference to the shape of the knife, the creator Joseph Opinel, the crowned hand, the Opinel blue, the mountain… or by taking Opinel in a new directing, into a new universe unexplored by the brand).
  2. The artistic quality and the originality of the artwork.

The technical information

As the winning artworks will be displayed in the Opinel Museum during the summer of 2020, they must have a squared format.

We accept all kinds of artistic techniques (oil painting, aquarelle, acrylic, pen, pencil, felt, spray, etc.).

The dimensions should not exceed 60 x 50cm including the frame. A frame is however not mandatory.

The artist must preview a hanging system.

Participation folder

In order to participate, please send the following elements to:

  1. A photo or a scan of the inscription form filled out 
  2. A photo of your artwork in .jpg or PDF format. Do verify that the image is of high resolution and has sufficient lightening.
  3. A text of maximum 1000 characters presenting your name/pseudonym, age, the title of the picture (if there is one), the different techniques used, and maybe the artistic process. Should you be chosen by the jury, this text will be shown in the museum and in the online gallery on The jury reserves the right to modify the text if needed. The text should be sent in PDF format.

Entitle your email: “Concours Dessine-moi un Opinel”.


You have until the 15th of April 2020, 11pm (UTC+1) to send your participation folder to

30th of April 2020: The chosen artworks will be published on the Opinel website and on the social media. The winners will be notified directly by email. The selection will be made by a jury consisting of members of the Opinel enterprise and of resource persons in the artistic milieu. The artists not selected and those who have given incomplete contact information will not receive an email.

15th of June 2020: Deadline for receiving the selected pictures in the museum. The artist may ask the museum to supply a prepaid kit for postal shipping. It is also possible for the artist to depose his/her artwork directly in the Opinel Museum in Saint Jean de Maurienne, France.

Please note, that artworks received after the 15th of June 2020 will be excluded from the competition and will not be considered for the endowment. 

Exhibition date: The artworks will be showcased in the Opinel Museum from the 29th of June till the 20th of September 2020.


All the artworks selected by the jury will be given a monetary prize of 100€, a n°8 Opinel knife in black oak and the books: “Au Fil de l’Histoire” and “Opinel Series”. The prize represents a total monetary value of 170€.

The indicated monetary value is estimated on the basis of the sales prices at the time of editing. It is therefor liable to change.

After the competition

At the end of the exhibition period, all artworks will be restored to their owners.

The owner can have his/her artwork shipped by postal services (paid by the Opinel Museum) or collect it at the Opinel Museum in Saint Jean de Maurienne, France.


All participants are invited to consult the competition rules .

An English translation of the rules is available upon request.