The end of 2023 is fast approaching, so we've decided to look back at this wonderful year of new products, events and work...


January - Facette and N°08 Savoyard

The tableware collection was extended with the Facette knives to kick off the year in style!


This classic chic bistro style suits any table and decor.


Materials with complementary colours:


- Natural woods with ash and olive

- Stabilised wood with dark ash

- The VittEr eco-material made of compressed paper (and dishwasher-safe)


2 types of blade:


- A smooth blade for smooth cutting and a cutting edge that can be resharpened

- A micro-serrated blade for efficient, maintenance-free cutting


Set of 4 Facette Dark Ash table knives
Set of 4 Facette Dark Ash table knives

Facette, knives made in France for all tables

Set of 4 Facette Olive Wood table knives
Set of 4 Facette Olive Wood table knives

Knives that combine tradition and modernity

Set of 4 Facette Slate Micro Serrated table knives

The slate gives this table knife a unique character

Set of 4 Facette Mixed table knives

Multi-facetted table knives

Not forgetting the N°08 Savoyard knife


The mountains of Savoie, where Opinel was founded, take centre stage with the N°08 Le Savoyard.

The knife has a varnished beechwood handle decorated with the Savoyard coat of arms, a red leather lace, an 8.5 cm stainless-steel blade and a Virobloc double safety ring.

N°08 Le Savoyard
Can be personalised
N°08 Le Savoyard

The N°08 pocket knife pays tribute to its heritage

N°08 Bushwhacker Red
Can be personalised
N°08 Bushwhacker Red

Red is always fashionable

February - The month of new products

A short detour to Courchevel


From 6 to 19 February 2023, a rare and unmissable event took place:

the Alpine World Ski Championships in Courchevel and Méribel.


Three new knives were created for the occasion:

- The N°08 Courchevel Méribel 2023 decorated with tampography

- The N°08 Courchevel 2023 decorated with sublimation

- The N°08 Méribel 2023 decorated with sublimation

New colours for Le Petit Chef


Learn to cook while having fun a real pleasure for young and old alike!


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Le Petit Chef collection has launched two new colours in three-piece sets:

- The fresh, bright green box inspired by the vegetable garden

- The classic and chic blue box inspired by the Opinel colour

And the same for the Essentiels...

Aurélie Jeannette

A new range of colours for a staple in the Opinel collection: the Essentiels Primo.

Red, green and blue.

Three key colours for a sophisticated contrast: a great decor classic.


The set includes four small, handy and effective knives for everyday use:

- Paring knife

- Serrated knife

- Vegetable knife

- Peeling knife


Les Essentiels Primo Set
Les Essentiels Primo Set

The three basic colours of red, green and blue are coming to the kitchen!

Natural 4 Essentials knives Box Set
Natural 4 Essentials knives Box Set

The simplicity of beech makes this a must-have in any kitchen

March - Opinel X Monbento collab

In March, Opinel and monbento joined forces to bring you the exclusive nomad meal kit.

Included in the kit:

- An original monbento MB lunch box with a total capacity of 1L, spread over 2 levels

- The Picnic+ Opinel set with a unique design, comprising the iconic N°08 pocket knife, a steel fork and spoon that fit into the handle and also a napkin case

April - Event in Madrid

In April, Opinel headed to Spain!


On 26 April 2023, an event was held at the El Taller del Lago restaurant in Madrid's Casa del Campo park. Opinel, accompanied by Spanish press agency Acción y Comunicación, which organised the event, was on hand to present the Picnic+ set and the No.10 corkscrew and bottle opener during two meals in a rural setting. The first was with 14 journalists and the second was with 10 influencers.

May - The N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Thierry Vallier

The return of the sun meant the return of picnics with the N°10 corkscrew and bottle opener!


Over the course of the year, the N°10 corkscrew has been transformed into the N°10 corkscrew and bottle opener.

Located at the end of the handle, the steel rod is used for opening bottles, but can also suspend or hang the knife.

Now you can open a bottle of beer just like a bottle of wine, while also cutting up cheese, fruit and more: what a pleasure!

Too much alcohol can harm your health. Drink in moderation.

N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener
Can be personalised
N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener

The picnic knife à la française

Nomad Cooking Kit with N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener
Nomad Cooking Kit with N°10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener

The kit to have with you on all your travel adventures

June - ISPO trade fair

ISPO is the international outdoor trade fair held in Munich, and the folding ranges were the main focus of the show.

Opinel has been taking part for the last ten years. It's one of the best annual opportunities to meet up with our distributors, not to mention a chance to recruit distributors and new retail customers.

Of course, the show also helps us to win the loyalty of our partners, including buyers from the major outdoor chains who come to see what's new.

July - Terre Sauvage Festival

In 2021, Opinel became a partner of the Terre Sauvage Festival! This is an event that's mindful, intelligent, friendly and celebratory, as well as a place to meet and talk about nature.

The second event took place in Névache on 7, 8 and 9 July 2023. Opinel was honoured to take part, equipping the wood workshop to teach children how to prune branches and make beautiful creations with what nature has to offer.

August - New showroom

What better way to start the autumn than with something new?

During the summer of 2023, work was carried out on the Opinel reception area and showroom. The company's premises have been completely renovated and redesigned by Mission Retail Design to align with the brand's identity.


September - Maison & Objet and awards ceremony

From 7 to 11 September 2023, Opinel's new products were presented at the Maison & Objet trade fair at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre.

And don't forget our pétanque evening!


This year, our "Médailles du Travail" awards evening was a pétanque party!

On Thursday 23 September, staff were divided into 40 teams for a fun-filled competition.

Each was given a trio of OBUT boules with the Opinel logo. It was a coming together of two iconic French brands synonymous with good times and sharing!

Another big WELL DONE to the winners!

October - Happy Halloween and tackling plastic

October is pumpkin month!


For the occasion, Opinel USA decided to create content for our various social networks.

Opinel USA invited you to spend some time with friends and family at a workshop where you could pick and customise pretty pumpkins.

This creative day took place in New Buffalo, Michigan, for the end-of-year seminar. This is an opportunity for the US team to get together for a day, as they regularly work from home.


October was also the time when we tackled the plastic in our packaging!


Opinel's commitment to CSR means reducing its environmental footprint. So its products are sustainable, have a limited impact and make sense.

With its new blister packs, Opinel has reduced its plastic consumption by 80%, i.e. 10 tonnes less per year. We are also switching from non-recycled PVC to the most recyclable plastic, PET. Recycling is facilitated by the design of the blister pack, whose different materials (FSC cardboard and PET shell) can be separated for recycling.

Reducing the size of blister packs not only reduces the consumption of materials, but also cuts energy expenditure on transport and storage.

Another anti-plastic packaging initiative is a new method of grouping products in batches: 100% recyclable paper strips replace shrink-wrap plastic film.


November - More new products

Nature Edition


Après Amour, France, Escapade...The "Edition" collection pays tribute to what matters, to life, to our inspiration, to the whole... To Nature!

Every two years, we release a limited edition with handles designed by artists.

This year, three artists working on plant, animal or organic designs were selected. Edible wild plants, aromatic herbs, mushrooms and floral arrangements grace and enrich this new edition.

For the occasion, the three artists spent a day in Normandy at the home of farmer and forager Pierre-Edouard Robine, picking edible wild plants and creating a group fresco. The fresco now covers a section of Pierre-Edouard's shed.

Studio Kalice




New design for Effilés N°08 and N°10! They are much more attractive with their new look.

What's new?

The tip of the blade is more rounded, the handle is more streamlined and the ring has the new logo.


Beech Effilé 8 - New version
Can be personalised
Beech Effilé 8 - New version

The classic Effilé 8 combines elegance and simplicity

Padouk Effilé 8 - New version
Can be personalised
Padouk Effilé 8 - New version

A small, lockable knife that's essential for activities such as fishing.

Ebony Effilé 10 - New version
Can be personalised
Ebony Effilé 10 - New version

Elegance itself, with a mirror finish blade and a luxurious handle made of rare wood.



N°08 Sampo


A new limited edition! The N°08 Sampo features a buffed handle made of curly birch from the forests of Finland and an 8.5 cm stainless-steel blade with a mirror polish finish.

The "Sampo" is a magical object in Finnish mythology.

December - The month of festivities

And to finish the year in style, what could be better than a few ideas for a bright and natural festive table?

Read our blog post with advice from stylist Frédérique Thon-Bancal and photos by Aurélie Jeannette.


Perpétue Spoon

The Perpétue spoon, an accessory with a simple, timeless aesthetic.

Perpétue Dessert Spoon

The Perpétue collection is growing...

Perpétue fork

The Opinel fork from the Perpétue collection: aesthetic design combined with long-lasting quality.

Perpétue Dessert Fork

For starters and desserts