'Tis the season for slow deco, so why not set your Christmas table with everyday tableware? 

Start with white plates and stainless steel Perpétue cutlery from Opinel, set apart by its timeless design. We've added a tablecloth in Christmas colours, second-hand cut crystal glasses, and three DIY creations you can make at home. Creating a beautiful holiday table shouldn't be a daunting task!


Perpétue cutlery set
Perpétue cutlery set

A cutlery set that is a subtle blend of modernity and design.

Box of 4 Perpétue Table Knives

Perpétue table knives – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

Box of 4 Perpétue Spoons

Perpétue tablespoons, an accessory with a simple, timeless aesthetic.

Box of 4 Perpétue Teaspoons

The Perpétue teaspoon is an essential item to complete your perfect table arrangement.

1. Make a centrepiece

Make a centrepiece

Cut small branches from the bottom of a fir tree. Attach them to a metal ring measuring about 20 cm in diameter using string.

Then wrap LED fairy lights around the wreath. Finally, fill the centre with LED candles and some Christmas decorations.

For a large Christmas table, make two centrepieces.

2. Make knife rests

Make knife rests

You will need leather cord and wooden beads measuring one centimetre in diameter: work out the necessary amount of material according to the number of guests.

Cut a piece of cord about 7 centimetres long and tie a knot at the end.

Then string 4 wooden beads on the cord and tie another knot. Place a knife rest to the right of each plate.

3. Make place cards

Make place cards

Roll out white Fimo air-dry clay with a rolling pin and mark out strips with a ruler. Cut them out with your Opinel pocket knife. Make a hole at the top of each strip with a toothpick and stamp your guests' names with a clay stamp.

Leave to dry. Thread each place card onto a leather cord, wrap the cord twice around the napkin and tie it in a bow. Finally, slip a small fir branch under the cord. Repeat for each place setting.

Production and photos: ©Joli Place