If there's one knife to have in your kitchen, it's a chef's knife!

What is a chef's knife used for? OPINEL kitchen knives

Practical and versatile, it lets you work with all types of food. Chop, cut or slice with a blade suited for any recipe.

It has a blade length of around 20 cm which lets you slice large food items easily due to its rigidity and stability when cutting.

Here are 4 models from Opinel chef's knife range, each with their own special properties that you can discover them by clicking on them.

Chef's knife - Les Forgés 1890

What is a chef's knife used for? OPINEL kitchen knives

Rigid and stable, this fully forged knife is a multi-purpose knife of very high quality.

Designed to slice, chop, cut and flatten ingredients, you won't be able to do without this versatile knife! The profile of the handle was developed to limit fatigue while guiding the blade well. The full-tang blade extends throughout the handle and contributes to the strength and balance of the knife, with the weight of the steel distributed. The beech handle comes from an eco-managed forest and is not varnished. It is levelled to resist water. Its ergonomic profile is a tribute to the traditional pocket knife, and offers a remarkable grip.

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N°118 Chief Multi-purpose - Parallèle

What is a chef's knife used for? OPINEL kitchen knives

For cutting, slicing and chopping with a rocking movement.

The parallel collection includes 8 blades with profiles refined to optimise handling and guarantee a cut adapted to each food. The 20-cm blade remains rigid and stable when cutting. The beech handle, of French origin, is hard-wearing and easy to work with. Regarding the homogeneous aspect, its clear colour varies from yellow to pink. It is recognisable by the presence of numerous small dark lines. The handle is varnished to provide better protection against moisture and dirt. This knife can be personalised.

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N°218 Chief - Intempora

What is a chef's knife used for? OPINEL kitchen knives

For cutting, slicing and finely chopping meat and vegetables into strips and batons.

The curved cutting edge means food can be chopped using a rocking motion. The 20-cm blade stays rigid and stable when slicing. The full-tang blade extends the length and height of the handle, optimising the knife's strength and balance. It uses stainless steel developed for Opinel, known for its sharpness and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel that can undergo the heat treatment that gives it its incredible hardness is called martensitic steel. It has a carbon content of at least 0.40%, which allows for a very satisfactory cutting edge without being susceptible to corrosion. Hardness of the blade 57-58 HRC. It will give you confidence and agility.

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Free sharpening service

Our sharpening service is free (excluding outward shipping costs) for Intempora and Les Forgés 1890 knives (except bread knives).

Please send your knife to OPINEL - SAV - 508 Bd Henry Bordeaux 73000 Chambéry, France, indicating the service "Free sharpening for Intempora and Forgés 1890" and your contact information on a separate sheet of paper.

Timeframe: 3 weeks after receipt of knives