Taking care of your blade

Taking care of your blade

The Opinel blades are renowned for their exceptional cutting power. To protect this cutting quality, it is important to regularly sharpen the blade when dull and to choose suitable supports to prevent premature damage.

Cutting food with your OPINEL

To preserve and protect the cutting quality of your blade, working on hard surfaces is not recommended (glass, marble, ceramic, etc.).
Use softer supports such as wooden or food-grade plastic cutting board as often as possible.

Sharpening your Opinel

When using a whetstone for sharpening the blade, the latter must be dry and cleaned of all traces of lubricant. Slightly wet the natural stone.
Sharpen the cutting edge by pressing hard on the stone and going back and forth along the blade (the stone is at a 20° angle with the blade). Start from the base of the blade moving towards the tip of the blade in an alternating and regular movement.
Steel burr forms on the opposite side of the blade which prevents it from cutting. This burr must therefore be removed. This is the second stage of the sharpening process.
Cut the burr with the stone by using a back and forth movement (the stone is at a 20° angle with the blade).Start from the base of the blade moving towards the tip of the blade in an alternating regular movement but with less pressure than the first time.
Finally, lightly pass the stone on each side of the cutting edge (twice).

In case of oxidation stains

Wipe the blade with the back of a sponge, then, wash the blade with a damp warm sponge and washing-up liquid. Wipe the blade with a dry and soft tea cloth. Finally lubricate the blade with cooking oil. We recommend you store your OPINEL in a dry environment with the blade closed.

Credits Photos :
Thierry Vallier
Studio Kalice

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