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Pocket knives and tools

The purest tradition of the Opinel pocket knife

The timeless folding knife, an essential tool for the DIYer, camping or picnics in the wild is now available in a wide range of colours and woods.


Discover our range of traditional knives The Opinel tradition : the timeless folding knife, so handy for DIY, camping, picnic, is now available in many different colours and woods.


Multiple function knives made in France The specialists knives are dedicated to specific while preserving the legendary design of traditional Opinel : N°8 Outdoor, N°10 Corkscrew, N°09 Oyster and Shellfish, N°9 DIY...

Slim knives

Sharpness and modernity The Opinel Effilé range of folding knives is a resolutely modern design using fine materials (beech, bubinga, olive, luxury woods, etc.) which will dazzle enthusiasts of elegance and refinement.


Gardening essentials Pull out weeds, prune, pick, saw, graft, pick grapes: Opinel is kitting you out for gardening with its collection of garden knives, pruning knives and small saws. An ideal collection for caring for and maintaining your gard...

Kids - My first Opinel

Opinel quality suitable for children Wood carving, building cabins, exploring Nature - the Opinel world is perfectly safe for your children aged seven upwards with a rounded-tip folding knife. It is available in five colours to satisfy the most...

Kids - My first Opinel

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Around Opinel knives Opinel offers a range of cases, accessories to sharpen your knives and other related articles.