Finesse, elegance and refinement are the words that best describe this knife range.

The folding paring knives flaunt unique silhouettes and curves. Available in four sizes, N°08, N°10, N°12 and N°15, these folding knives are easy to slip into your pocket and will quickly become indispensable. The handle is available in a number of wood varieties - beech, olive, padouk and ebony - offering you exceptional different colours.

Excellent cutting quality.

The paring pocketknife features a stainless steel blade ranging from 8 to 15 cm. It adapts to how it is used and size of your hand. This steel ensures an impeccable cutting edge and easy maintenance. The fine, flexible blade guarantees a precise cut for thin slices and filleting fish. The knife also has a Virobloc safety ring, which secures the blade in the open and closed position for added safety.

Handles with a unique grain

The handles of folding filleting knives have a unique design, elegant curves that will ensure comfort and a good grip. The grain of the olive wood will transport you to the south of France, the intensity of the ebony will immediately charm you, the exoticism of the Padouk promises novelty, and the simplicity of beech will remind you of the traditional nature of Opinel knives.

Effilés Hêtre

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When tradition and elegance meet. The unique design of the folding filleting knives enhanced by traditional beechwood. Simple and elegant, these beechwood filleting knives come in four different sizes, from N°08 to N°15. They will quickly become an everyday essential for your pocket or backpack, especially for filleting fish.
Effilés Padouk

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The handle of the folding filleting knife enhanced by exotic wood. The filleting knife with a padauk handle is a unique knife that benefits from the properties of this wood. Discover the four sizes of this knife: N°08, N°10, N°12 and N°15.
Effilés Olivier

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The olive wood combined with the design of the filleting knife will not leave you indifferent. The most noble Mediterranean wood has been sculpted to make the handles for these three Opinel filleting knives (N°08, N°10 and N°12). The N°10 olive wood filleting pocketknife also comes with a sheath for easy carrying, packed in a wooden box.
Effilés Luxe

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The paring knife is also available with a noble wood handle. A noble material such as ebony gives the paring pocketknife unique character. The N°10 ebony knife is the very definition of elegance, finesse and refinement.

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