Les Forgés 1890: The epitome of the high quality of French cutlery and the heritage of ancestral savoir-faire: everything it takes to satisfy the most demanding of customers.

Aurélie Jeannette

The multi-purpose little kitchen knife

Paring Knife Les Forgés 1890. 

The refined elegant design and versatility simply add to its usefulness. 

A multi-purpose knife for cutting onions, shallots, fruit and vegetables, trimming meat, etc. 

All thanks to its short, pointed 8 cm blade that guarantees a precise cut. 

A very high-quality multi-purpose knife? 

Chef's Knife Les Forgés 1890.

It has a stable and rigid 20 cm blade and is designed for mincing, chopping and cutting slices with a rocking motion. 

The little brother of the chef's knife

Small Chef's Knife Les Forgés 1890. 

This essential is fully forged, robust, hard-wearing and agile. 

Its easy-to-handle format and 17 cm blade allows you to mince, cut and slice. 

You can also use it to flatten ingredients such as garlic, onions and meat. 

Aurélie Jeannette

Keen on Japanese culture? 

Check out Santoku Les Forgés 1890

A true kitchen essential! 

It's just what you need for fine chopping, cutting batons or slices and dicing carrots, courgettes and more. 


It has a 17 cm blade that remains rigid and stable when cutting.  

The blade is alveolated, meaning it has pockets of air which prevent the food being cut from adhering to the blade.   


And fish?

You'll find just what you need in Slim Knife Les Forgés 1890.

The pointed flexible 18 cm blade enables you to lift fillets of fish and slice finely. 



A meal without bread? No way! 

You can slice any type of bread with Bread Knife Les Forgés 1890.

This knife has 21 cm serrated blade to make cutting easier, as well enabling you to cut through the tough skins of melons and pineapples, for example. 


A real kitchen essential

Carving Knife Les Forgés 1890.

It is designed for carving roasting joints and poultry and can also be used for slicing large fruit and vegetables. 

The fully forged 17 cm, full tang blade gives it balance and robustness. 

For confirmed meat-eaters...

You'll find the Meat & Poultry knife in this Les Forgés 1890 collection.

It has a rigid, pointed 17 cm blade that enables the deveining and boning of meat and poultry. 

It will become an indispensable part of your kitchen

The advantages

Trio Box - Les Forgés 1890
Trio Box - Les Forgés 1890

Full forged, these three exceptional knives are a must-have in your kitchen.

Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives
Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives

The top of the line leather mat


This entire collection is inspired by the work and the personality of Savoie-born, two-star Michelin chef Jean Sulpice who heads the Auberge du Père Bise in Talloires, on the shores of Lake Annecy. 

A collection which illustrates our shared values: precision: balance and closeness to nature.