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N°07 Outdoor Junior ROSEN°07 Outdoor Junior ROSE
15,90 €

The best companion!

N°08 Chêne BlackN°08 Chêne Black ouvert lame noire
40 €

Black is Black

N°06 Baroudeur Nuage N°06 Baroudeur Nuage
12,60 €

The cloudy one

N°06 Baroudeur Violet GrisN°06 pliant Baroudeur Violet Gris
12,60 €

For the purple lovers

N°06 Baroudeur Sauge N°06 Baroudeur Sauge
12,60 €

Perfect for the trekking

N°06 Baroudeur FramboiseN°06 Baroudeur Framboise
12,60 €

A must-have in your pocket

N°06 Baroudeur TurquoiseN°06 Baroudeur Turquoise
12,60 €

N°06 Colorama

Collection N°08 BaroudeursN°08 Baroudeur Noir Brun
14,20 €

You will be inseparable

Collection N°08 baroudeursN°08 Baroudeur Grenat
14,20 €

Here is your new best friend

Collection Opinel N°08Couteau Opinel N°08 Baroudeur Bleu Foncé Lame 8.5 cm
14,20 €

You will love it so much

Collection N°07 BaroudeursN°07 Baroudeur Vert Prairie
13,20 €

It will be your best companion for your holidays

Collection Baroudeurs N°07N°07 Baroudeur Orange
13,20 €

Your best companion for your outdoor activities

N°07 baroudeurs coloramaN°07 Baroudeur Anis
13,20 €

A must-have for your outdoor activities

collection N°07 BaroudeurN°07 Baroudeur Cyan
13,20 €

You'll want to take this knife wherever you go!

Collection N°07 BaroudeursN°07 Baroudeur Violet
13,20 €

Your best companion for your outdoor activities

Opinel N°08 Atelier ouvert
55 €

The Atelier collection reinvents the Opinel marquetry.

N°08 Gravure Vélo
13,80 €

It might become your everyday carry knife

N°08 Gravure RandoN°08 Gravure Rando
13,80 €

Bring the alpine adventures in your pocket

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