Intempora? A collection with a high-performance design that makes you more confident and agile in the kitchen.

Aurélie Jeannette

An essential kitchen utensil? 

The N°225 Paring Knife Intempora

A versatile knife for cutting onions, shallots, fruit and vegetables, trimming meat, and more. 

It has a fine, pointed 8 cm stainless steel blade that ensures a precise cut. 


As for the handle, its curved design makes it easier to grip and reduces fatigue in the hand. 

Any tomato lovers out there? 

We've got the answer to your prayers: the Intempora N°226 Paring Knife

And of course, it's useful for other things as well as tomatoes! 

The fine, pointed, micro-serrated blade also enables you to slice baguettes, fruit, sausage... all those ingredients with a tough skin and delicate flesh. 

An agile versatile knife? 

The N°217 Small Chief Intempora

It's reassuring, efficient, very easy to handle and makes mincing, carving and slicing easier. 

A 17 cm blade that remains rigid and stable when cutting and the form of the edge that allows you to chop with a rocking motion. 


The big brother to this knife? 

The N°218 Chief Intempora.

A knife with similar characteristics for cutting, mincing and chopping meat and vegetables into slices, batons and dice, etc. 

It has a 20 cm stainless steel blade.

The full-tang blade extends through the length and height of the handle, so optimising the knife's strength and balance. 


Both these knives are the very definition of confidence and agility. 


Aurélie Jeannette

A knife between the paring and the chef's knife? 

The N°220 Carving Knife Intempora

For carving roasting joints, legs of lamb and poultry. 

It is extremely easy to handle and is also an effective tool for slicing large fruit and vegetables. 


Its handle is very hard-wearing and resistant to heat, water and shocks. 

If you're looking for a knife that offers great cutting performance combined with optimum comfort, this is the one for you! 

A versatile, robust knife designed for preparing fish and shellfish? 

The N°219 Santoku Intempora

An essential for chopping and slicing

The curved handle makes it easier to hold without tensing the hand, thus reducing fatigue. 

The alveolated, 3 cm wide blade remains rigid and stable when cutting. 

The continuous cutting edge frees the heel of the blade and makes sharpening easier. 


Why is it alveolated? 

The pockets of air prevent the food being cut from adhering to the blade, for faster cutting.  

Aurélie Jeannette

Baguette, flatbread, bloomer, granary loaf... But how to slice these different types of bread?

With the N°216 Bread Knife Intempora, that's what! 

A 21 cm curved serrated blade that makes slicing bread easy and comfortable.

Preparing a lovely fish dish? 

What you need is the N°221 Fillet Intempora

The fine, precise and very flexible 18 cm blade allows you to slit, lift fillets and remove the skin and fat from fish. 

A knife that will guarantee you superior cutting quality.

Aurélie Jeannette

Any meat lovers out there? 

The N°222 Meat and Poultry Intempora Knife was made for you! 

Its short, rigid 13 cm blade is twist-resistant and effective at separating flesh from bones  and removing nerves and fat from meat. 

The handle guard protects the hand from the cutting edge and enables safe working. 

And lastly... 

The N°227 Intempora Slicer

With a blade specially designed for long cuts and fine, regular slicing (without tearing) of large pieces of meat. 

It can also be used for slicing large fruit such as pineapple, as well as fish, ham etc.  

The smooth, pointed 20 cm blade is thinner and narrower than a chef's knife!

The advantages

Trio Box 3 Intempora knives

The best of the Intempora collection

Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives
Leather mat for 8 kitchen knives
Available soon

The top of the line leather mat

Intempora Knife Block

The "Intempora Block" made of beech wood contains 5 knives from the Intempora kitchen knife collection