Couteau jardin opinel N°08
10 €

It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.

N°10 Tire-Bouchon
23,50 €

Bring it to your picnics so you can open your wine bottles easily... and drink them responsibly.

Couteau de poche Opinel Chaperon N°08Couteau de poche Opinel Chaperon N°08
89 €

Opinel does marquetry

Effilé 10 PadoukEffilé 10 Padouk
20,50 €

Ideal for filleting a fish and slicing thinly

Slim Line N°08
18,50 €

The small slim knife, chic and feminine

Opinel N°06 Noyer
15 €

The classic Opinel made in walnut.

couteau de poche luxe bois de chêne design Opinel fabriqué en France N°08 Chêne lame Inox
16 €

The nobility of the oak in a N°08

N°06 Chêne Opinel
15 €

The nobility of the oak in a N°06

Coffret enfant Opinel Le Petit ChefCoffret enfant Opinel Le Petit Chef
37 €

Le Petit Chef set contains a knife, a peeler and a red finger protector.

Couteau enfant Opinel chevalCouteau enfant Opinel cheval
13 €

Comic style for the Animopinel Horse : for the cowboys, the indians, the musketeers, the knights....

Couteau enfant Animopinel LionCouteau enfant Animopinel Lion
13 €

Comic style for the fans of savanna and of the king of animals

Mon Premier Opinel Pomme pour enfant
11,40 €

My lucky knife

Couteau pour enfant coloré
11,40 €

To see everything through rose-colored glasses !

Couteau pour enfant bleu
11,40 €

As blue as the sky and the sea

Mon Premier Opinel NaturelMon Premier Opinel Naturel
10 €

Grandpa and daddy have it, I want it too !

N°08 Carbone +étui
25 €

Multipurpose, the No. 08 is essential for the small DIY, camping, hunting...

N°12 acier Carbone manche en hêtre
17,90 €

The folding knife for farming and hunting

N°10 Carbone manche en hêtre lame acier
14,80 €

Perfect the way it is.

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