N°08 Champignon
22 €

You will be ready for the mushroom picking.

couteau jardin N°08 manche en bois Opinel fabriqué en FranceCouteau jardin opinel N°08
10,60 €

It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.

N°10 Tire-Bouchon
25 €

Bring it to your picnics so you can open your wine bottles easily... and drink them responsibly.

Couteau de poche Opinel Chaperon N°08Couteau de poche Opinel Chaperon N°08
90 €

Opinel does marquetry

N°08 Outdoor Orange
26,50 €

Resists everything, nothing can resist it.

N°09 Bricolage Jaune
23,50 €

The smart tool-knife essential in your tool bag, car and office.

N°08 Baroudeur Bleu + Etui
24,90 €

His pierced handle and lace make it convenient to hang.

Collection Opinel baroudeur N°08 rougeN°08 baroudeur rouge
14,20 €

Red is always fashionable

N°07 Baroudeur Naturel Virobloc
12,70 €

Camping, trekking, outdoor, this knife will follow you everywhere!

N°08 Luxe Padouk lame poliglace
23 €

Luxe and sophistication

N°08 Olivier + étui
39 €

The unique grain of olive wood carries our Savoyard knife by the Mediterranean.

Opinel N°06 Olivier
15,90 €

Opinel under the mediterranean sun

Opinel N°06 Noyer
15,90 €

The classic Opinel made in walnut.

N°06 Chêne Opinel
15,90 €

The nobility of the oak in a N°06

Mon Premier Opinel Pomme pour enfantMon Premier Opinel Pomme pour enfant
12 €

My lucky knife

Couteau pour enfant bleu
12 €

As blue as the sky and the sea

N°08 Carbone +étui
26,50 €

Multipurpose, the No. 08 is essential for the small DIY, camping, hunting...

N°10 Carbone manche en hêtre lame acier
15,70 €

Perfect the way it is.

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